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Top 5 Tips To A Great Kitchen!

The Kitchen is the heart of the home! But it is often the place most difficult to keep spic and span. Especially tricky can be the cabinets, subjected to heavy duty usage they can wilt and buckle. Here are some tips to ensure the longest life out of your modular kitchen. Ensure your interior designer…
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Wall Decals

Hello walls!

Decorating your walls need not be expensive! Or time consuming! Today a plethora of options exist that can give your walls a fresh look in minutes. Wall Decals are a situation that can cater to a wide variety of needs. They look great in a kids room and can enhance the playful nature of her…
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Don’t miss the view above!

Ceilings can be fun. Yes, they can and should be. Out goes the boring white and in comes a full range of options for that 5th wall. Jut do the corners, only go for rafters, or do a full fledged false ceiling, the choice is yours. Getting it done through Designspark Interiors makes it even…
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