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Top 5 Tips To A Great Kitchen!

Top 5 Tips To A Great Kitchen!


The Kitchen is the heart of the home!

But it is often the place most difficult to keep spic and span. Especially tricky can be the cabinets, subjected to heavy duty usage they can wilt and buckle. Here are some tips to ensure the longest life out of your modular kitchen.

Great kitchens with minimum maintenance
  • Ensure your interior designer provides a minimum of MR-grade ply for all the cabinets.
  • Wipe-them-down. Ensure all spills are wiped down with a damp cloth immediately. This will ensure the spills are easily cleaned and do not need potentially corrosive cleaners later to deal with the stains once dry.
  • Avoid kitchen cleaners, mostly they are just a gimmick. A damp cloth works best for daily cleaning. At most add a few drops of lemon juice to a mug of water and dip your cleaning cloth in it.
  • Do not overload your kitchen baskets. Invest in a tall unit or larder shelfs so that additional groceries can be stored in it.
  • Allow utensils to dry on the kitchen sink before loading them back into the cabinets. This ensures less humidity buildup in the cabinets and a longer lasting, free of mould kitchen!

So use this simple hacks and make your modular kitchen last a lifetime.

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